My name is

Amadeus Cameron

Amadeus Cameron

And I'm more than just a designer.
These are the pillars that make me who I am:



From testing the way that paper folds, to the ways I can apply UX strategy to other projects, I am very passionate about consistent growth and constant learning.



I believe the world has so much to offer, so much to experience. Exploration is the key to understanding how people think, how people learn, and how people see the world. This is how I unearth the impact of an idea.



The communities that have let me in, let me lead, let me try things shaped who I am and the way I design. I am committed and focused on building powerful, supportive, ands inclusive communities.

In short

I am a designer...

I care a lot about the world that we are a part of. I’ll never stop learning, growing, or pursuing my dreams.

My ultimate goal is to have a positive, tangible impact on someone’s life. Empowered by the design process, I am excited to use my skills to deliver in that pursuit.

Every conversation I have with someone leads me to learn something new about the world. I am ready to join in on the world of design.